Mark's Broadcast Page

UPDATED 6-21-00

 The TV world at least for now is history for me. I was fortunate to win a scholarship to a computer information technology training school and have relocated back to Little Rock with my family. I've enjoyed the things I learned in television and miss the good people whom I've worked with for the year from 8-16-98 through 9-24-99 in Fort Smith. I appreciate each of you for your teamwork as it has changed me for the better. Kudos go to each of my former co-workers in radio through the years in Benton, Heber Springs, Batesville, Russellville, and Fort Smith. Now I'm working part-time, mainly on the weekends for both KSSN and KDDK which the hours and shifts I work do vary, but you can hear my shows under the Max Meyers airname with at least 28.8K connection and Windows Media Player installed. Special thanks goes to each of you with questions concerning television and radio, and for each of you who have linked this page. By the way, my basic formula that I've used over and over and it can work for those interested in getting their feet in the door (and hopefully keeping them inside) in radio. I call it my Radio Newbie Page.  With time, you'll find additional information which can be of value to those interested in a career in broadcasting, particularly radio. For now, I have available perhaps the MOST COMPREHENSIVE listing of State Broadcast Associations (for the United States only at the present time) currently available on the Internet on the same page! I didn't like not having this complete in one location and gathering it all wasn't easy, but here it is. All 50 states, Puerto Rico, and DC are represented either in website or snail-mail/phone/fax for your information. You're encouraged to bookmark this page and tell others you know who share the interest as that's the best way you can thank me. If you wish to visit my other webpages, you can access them through this link. Like any good evolving webpage, this one remains UNDER CONSTRUCTION so check back often for changes and updates. You can leave me e-mail which I check often, and your suggestions and comments are invited.

 The tower in the wallpaper image is a close view of the KHBS-TV tower atop Cavanal Hill near Poteau, OK. which is the ABC Affiliate for the Fort Smith market, owned and operated by Hearst-Argyle Television. My thanks to Hearst-Argyle for keeping your word and for your professionalism. You may visit their site.