Favorite LINKS - Initiated 1/21/16

 Here are among my "go-to" links I frequently visit and have posted here primarily for my convenience. As with many sites on the Internet, some are not safe for viewing at your workplace, especially where profanity and the "blame game" is concerned. If you surf far enough, you'll find instances of cross-posting of articles you encounter, even up to weeks after they first come to light. This list will likely grow to include new links I discover which I deem valuable to add, so you're encourage to frequent here if you have the time and interest. I disclaim that I am not a financial advisor, just an investor, nor do I necessarily recommend or endorse any of these associated articles, offered products or services for you, nor do I state my opinions, especially in public, unless I have actual experience or notice particular trends with these. I compare information from these sites as a composite and use my reasoning and experience to proceed further. Although I can offer an opinion(s) in person, I encourage you to do your homework before making any quick choices in regard to your finances as emotions often cloud one's judgement, especially when greed (and fear in particular) are at hand!


Drudge Report - Overall Breaking News

Zero Hedge - Breaking News, WARNING: Unfiltered Comment Forums

InfoWars - Alex Jones & Crew - Alternative Breaking News

JS Mineset - Gold Expert, Bill Holter joined in 2015

King World News - Eric King interviews numerous experts and analysts, especially PM related.

Max Keiser - Keiser Report on RT.com

SGT Report - Preppers and Gold/Silver WARNING: Unfiltered Comment Forums

Finance and Liberty - Elijah Johnson

Turd Ferguson (Craig Hemke) - PM discussion & more. I read the free stuff when available

Ellen Brown - Web of Debt Blog

SilverSeek.com - very silver, indeed!

X22 Report - PM discussion

Investment Research Dynamics

Miles Franklin Blog - PM dealer with decent commentary

SRS Rocco - Silver Commentator

Naked Capitalism - finance, economics, politics and power

Nomi Prins' Thoughts - Formerly with GS, well-informed speaker and author

Sprott's Thoughts - Eric Sprott, Silver Expert

Economic Policy Journal

The China Money Report - Dan Collins (scroll down past "Featured Posts" to find current news)

Our Finite World - Gail Tverberg - Focused mostly on energy and finances

Peter Shiff - Former radio commentator and PM specialist with Euro Pacific Capital

Golden Jackass/Hat Trick Letter - Jim Willie in Costa Rica. I use his public area

Market Skeptics - NO LONGER REGULARLY UPDATED (Eric deCarbonnel). Please watch the ESF videos, also available on YouTube.

Dollar Collapse - John Rubino

SHTF Plan.com

Road to Roota - Bix Weir, on Silver/Gold/Bitcoin/etc.

Crush The Street - I read their commentaries and watch videos.

Sovereign Man - Simon Black (I read his free notes)

Huffington Post - although liberal, I read primarily their occasional articles regarding cryptocurrencies


Bitcoin Chart - I use Bitstamp as a primary reference

Dogecoin Chart

Dogecoin (Reddit)

ShapeShift - used to exchange various cryptocurrencies (NOT for cash)

Bitstamp - Bitcoin Exchange

    BITCOIN STOCKS (not presently linked, quick reference for now)

GBTC - Bitcoin Investment Trust
ARKW - ARK ETF (invests in GBTC & allows traders without OTC access)
GAHC - Global Arena Holding (blockchain)
BTSC - Bitcoin Services (escrow)
CNXS - Connexus (BitATMs)