The Panhandle Pietm and inspiration for it

 I fell in love with the Australian meat pies served at the 2007 Arkansas State Fair when I was back in Little Rock for the short time I worked at KATV. American pies sold at stores always have a vegetable and meat mixture, and that doesn't always fit my generally carnivorous taste. To have pies shipped where I live is rather costly too, so I decided to find a workable compromise, resulting in the Panhandle Pietm.

 I began researching ingredients and how much time would be required to prepare the pie. Shopping at Wal-Mart in the meat section gave me the main ingredients of gravy and meat in an easy package. Hormel's Beef Tips & Gravy has nice consistency, and the gravy isn't at all bad. It's simple enough that a five-year old can construct it (leave the baking to the adults though!), and high-altitude preparation isn't required. I live at just over 3,000' and it bakes with no issues. Here's the ingredients list and how to prepare it.